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Encapsulation Agent 

A burning EV or hybrid vehicle will contain the lithium-ion battery, ethanol-blended fuels, magnesium, titanium, aluminium, plastic and rubber, all of which have unique characteristics in a fire.

At EV-EXBOX we believe an investment in our fire fighting technology allows EV hub operators to support the emergency services,protecting the EV hub infrastructure, the public & the environment.

This can be done through the use of our Encapsulation Agent that covers all the fire classes associated with an EV or hybrid vehicle fire.

The Encapsulation Agent forms a protective skin around the water droplets which reduces the formation of steam.


Its ability to absorb heat is up to 20 times greater than water alone, promoting a rapid reduction in temperature. This is critical in stopping thermal runaway in a lithium-ion battery & suppressing any form of fire.

Screenshot 2023-01-09 152823.png

The Encapsulation Agent forms spherical micelles or “chemical cocoons” that encapsulate fuels rendering them non-flammable & non-ignitable, which is critical in a hybrid vehicle fire.


Encapsulation interrupts the free radical chain reaction of the fire tetrahedron. This interruption results in reduced smoke, soot & most importantly a drastic reduction in airborne toxins.

The effectiveness of the Encapsulation Agent on lithium-ion battery fires has been independently tested and verified by MPA Dresden & KIWA in the Netherlands.



The Encapsulation Agent is able to form & maintain stable spherical micelles capable of encapsulating combustible & flammable liquids rendering them non-flammable & non-explosive. It can maintain that encapsulation in the presence of high heat over an extended period of time.


The Encapsulation Agent works on all four legs of the fire tetrahedron at the same time. It removes the heat, neutralises the fuel by separating it from the oxygen on a molecular level & interrupts the free radical chain reaction.


For lithium-ion batteries the Encapsulation Agents ability to rapidly cool a multi class fire stops thermal runaway far quicker than water alone.


In terms of application, the use of the Encapsulation Agent is simple.

A standard eductor will draw the Encapsulation Agent up into the firefighting nozzle at a recommended dilution of between 2-3%.

No premixing or separate airline is required. Simply insert the eductor & you are ready to apply a highly effective, rapid cooling, PFA / PFOS free, biodegradable fire fighting liquid to all EV and multi class fires.

The Encapsulation Agent in the  EV-EXBOX is used by organisations that understand the demands of lithium-ion battery fires.  

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