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On every site the EV-EXBOX team has surveyed, runoff from the EV charging area goes to either :


Surface water storm drains


Forecourt or car park separators

If you do not have an EV-EXBOX installed, a single EV or hybrid vehicle fire will require an estimated 10,000 litres of water to suppress it.


The firewater toxicity is typically 70 times greater than most European industrial discharge limits allow.

EV firewater contains lithium, cadmium, zinc, poly-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, aliphatic compounds, formaldehyde, carbon fluoride & hundreds of volatile organic compounds.

If you have installed an EV-EXBOX which is utilised by the emergency services during an EV or hybrid vehicle fire, significantly less toxic firewater will be generated.


In order to avoid prosecution firewater must still be contained & your fire risk assessment or pollution prevention plan should detail how.


The emergency services are not responsible for the protection of the environment from firewater runoff. It is the legal responsibility of the EV charging hub operator or facility owner.

Best practise guidance on firewater pollution prevention is well documented. There is no excuse & no defence for not having firewater pollution control in place.

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