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At EV-EXBOX we understand every site is different in size  & layout. Therefore we provide both automated & manually operated pollution prevention valves to suit the site's needs.

All our recommended valves are designed solely for pollution prevention & are specified by the EV-EXBOX team.

The automated valves can be operated remotely via an App or linked to an existing on site fire control alarm panel.

Screenshot 2023-01-09 170204.png

To reduce on site disruption, the automated valve requires no mains power connection.

The control unit is battery operated & installed with a PV panel to ensure it is continually trickle charged.

For smaller sites, a bespoke inline knife valve & chamber can be retrofitted to the the existing storm drain infrastructure.

The chamber is water tight & the cover is clearly labelled to indicate it is a fire water pollution control valve. Where the drain is deeper than 1000 mm, an extendable  telescopic handle is included allowing the valve to be manually activated without leaning into the chamber.

The location of any valve installed as part of our fire water prevention solution is included in the Geo-mapping service. The mapping is sent to the local emergency services & the EV hub or charging location operator.

We work closely with out customers to ensure the mapping is updated as the site layout & number of chargers may change over time.

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