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The EV-EXBOX is a fireproof cabinet containing 100 litres of specialist encapsulation agent. It is ideal for lithium-ion battery and multiple class fires & installed to help the emergency services tackle on site EV & hybrid vehicle fires.

Only the emergency services are qualified to tackle an EV fire. To help firefighters the EV-EXBOX provides a solution that :

  • Ensures less water is needed to suppress an EV fire

  • Promotes rapid cooling to stop thermal runaway 

  • Encapsulates fuel in hybrid fuel vehicle fires

  • Encapsulates toxic smoke & particulates

  • Yields almost 4000 litres of firefighting liquid 

  • Requires no premixing or separate air line

  • Is drawn into the firefighting hose through a standard eductor

  • Is readily biodegradable & does not contain PFA / PFOS

  • Has been proven highly effective since 1995

  • Has a 10-year product shelf life

The EV-EXBOX installation includes:

  • EV Charging hub / location survey

  • Delivery & installation of EV-EXBOX & encapsulation agent

  • Preliminary firewater pollution risk assessment survey

  • EV fire awareness training for the EV hub operators

  • Geo-mapping of EV-EXBOX location for the site operator & the local emergency fire services.

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