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Geo Mapping 

As part of our on site surveys for either the installation of the EV-EXBOX or the installation of fire water retention valves, we digitally map the locations of our products.

In the event of an EV or hybrid vehicle fire, the ability to respond & knock down the fire quickly is critical to the safety of the public, preventing damage to any surrounding infrastructure & protecting the environment.

Using Google Maps & "What 3 Words" technology, the EV-EXBOX team supply the site operators & the local emergency services with the location of the installed firewater retention valves & EV-EXBOX fire suppression solution.

When the emergency services have a digital image of the EV hub, it allows them to understand the site layout, including any ingress & egress issues, as well as the location of the EV-EXBOX .

When the emergency services know the exact location of each EV-EXBOX & its contents, they can factor it into their on site risk assessment for tackling the fire.

Clearly marked fire water retention valves can be shut either automatically or manually to prevent fire water leaving on site storm drains & entering the environment.

The digital images can be downloaded & incorporated into site specific fire risk assessments & pollution prevention plans .

Screenshot 2023-01-09 123214.png
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