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EV-EXBOX Fire Suppression

The EV-EXBOX provides your locations with an affordable & highly effective encapsulation agent for EV and hybrid vehicle fires. The EV-EXBOX is designed to aid fire fighters in the rapid knockdown of fires to protect your assets, the public & the environment.

Firewater Pollution Prevention Survey

An EV or hybrid vehicle fire can result in the creation of over 10,000 litres of highly toxic fire water. Our firewater pollution prevention survey will identify the immediate run-off pathways into the environment both above & below ground. Firewater pollution is a legal offence.

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FirewWater Pollution Prevention Installations

Our bespoke fire water pollution prevention installations meet the needs of each individual site. We provide manually operated valves, fully automated web- enabled valve closure systems & surface water retention schemes to mitigate the risk of fire water pollution. 

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