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Training & Risk Assessment Guidance

At EV-EXBOX  we believe one of the challenges facing EV and clean energy infrastructure roll out is the lack of clear guidance, regulations and the overall knowledge to manage risk. Through our theory and field based training we hope to increase the risk awareness skills of installers and operators of EV charging and clean energy infrastructure to ensure assets, the environment and the public are fully considered in any existing or planned facilities.

Training and Guidance Overview

The purpose of the EV-EXBOX electrical vehicle charging risk assessment guidance course is to help organisations increase their awareness of the risks associated with a thermal runaway event resulting in, fire, explosion, environmental pollution or a public safety issue. Our training and guidance supports the development of individuals  risk assessment skills regarding EV charging and clean energy infrastructure.

The course can be divided into theoretical classroom learning, (1 day ), and can be extended to a second day to include 2-3 on site sessions to physically identify risks and solutions that were discussed in the theoretical classroom learning session.


(A full risk survey report would be provided for the sites attended).

The training and guidance session covers the following important topics that are essential for the competent risk assessment of EV charging infrastructure.

EV charging infrastructure today vs the future

An introduction to thermal runaway 

Vapour cloud explosion

The risk of fire within an existing site

The risk of fire spread beyond a site boundary

Public safety

Emergency ingress and egress

Firewater pollution below ground

Firewater pollution above ground

Existing guidance & regulations

Emergency response plans

Physical solutions to help reduce risk

EV facts & myths

The EV-EXBOX training and guidance on risk awareness is delivered by APEA award winner Graeme Warnell

For all training and guidance enquiries please email the EV-EXBOX Team on or simply fill out your details on our Contacts page.

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